Monday, November 7, 2011

Worry Schmorry

Storm clouds are unloading nature's napalm on Kansas City.  Widows rattle from thunder between windy vibrations.  Flashing lightning permeates my den as I quietly sit typing replies on Twitter.  I believe it was Alfred E. Newman who said, "What, me worry?"  He had a point.  What good would worry have done for the passengers of the Titanic?  Of course, come to think about it, it might have done the captain some good.  This "don't worry, be happy" thing is more complex than I realized. Consider the birds of the air sitting on that power line during this lightning storm...oh wait, never-mind.  Consider the roasted birds in my lawn...I do believe there's a difference between not worrying and acting foolishly.  Worry comes from a lack of faith. Foolishness comes from a lack of forethought. Care for a drumstick?

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