Friday, November 18, 2011


It's been said that bitterness is like drinking someone else's poison and waiting for them to die.  Bitterness is a cancer that eats upon the host.
We have a dungeon in our minds where we keep those who have hurt us in the past.  The crass teacher, the bully, the girl or guy that laughed at us, the one who took our job or our whatever.  We keep them in that dungeon and periodically go down into that dark place and whip them.  Grown men and women will pace in the living room saying, "If only I would’ve... if only I had said…if they were here, I’d…” and after we whip them all into bloody pulps.  Locking the door of that dungeon and return to life, not realizing that dungeon is festering our whole lives.
The only way to find peace in life is to go down and unchain the prisoners.  Let them go and refuse to re-shackle them.  Only then will the vapors of pungent bitterness stop permeating the other rooms of our lives.

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