Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family Framework

     I'm looking forward to this Thanksgiving.  The older I become, the more family means to me.  There are many reasons.  Perhaps the foremost is that there are waves of time that erode the relational buildings we erect, but family is the framework that holds strong.
     When the friends, popular crowds, bullies, and crushes of high school are fading into memory, family remains.  When those who were transferred or simply moved, who promised to keep in touch are now out of reach, family is but a phone call away.  If down, family lifts up.  While in pain, family applies balm.  When succeeding, family rejoices.
     Dysfunctional families, exist and many feel alone in the world.  Their world of facade with no framework to support crashes quickly with the waves.  So I am thankful for my family, my framework.  Great peace of mind comes to those with healthy family relationships.

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