Monday, October 31, 2011

A Woman’s Passion-- By P J Casselman

Enduring is my love for you
I long for you to my very core
Gazing upon your radiant glow
Dreaming of you on the dance floor

My breath is short when I hold you close
You complete me in so many ways
Your creator labored hard in your perfection
I will harmonize with your melodic phrase

All of my days, have I searched for you
Through storms of snow and hail
At last I have found you, oh perfect shoes
How delightful to find you on sale!
From Chicago with Hope: The Journey of Ruth is out on Kindle and paperback!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Angel Blood: Family Secrets is now available for Kindle.   Paperback copies are also out, but leave it to Amazon to mess up the title! :-)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

To My Seeking Son

You have been lied to by a conspiracy of greed
They tell you they know what you need
A woman of choice is slender and tall
She’s a trophy, not a person, that’s all

Beauty is defined by their standard
They showed you what’s good as they pandered
Brainwashing your mind to seek the surface
If love doctors they are, then sue for malpractice

Painted as beauties were Reuben’s full ladies
A short woman’s heart can run like Mercedes
Follow not a ridiculous fa├žade of beauty
Find a partner of mind, heart, faith, and duty

Beauty does not fade, but trophies tarnish
A woman is a person, not some empty garnish
If you seek with your eyes, you’ll end in regret
Search for a heart to complete your duet
                                                 P J Casselman

October Night

Little ninjas escorted fairies through my lawn
A ballerina two feet tall pirouetted a swan
Adults flashed shots of a princess wearing a coat
I hope that was ketchup on Timmy’s throat

To the left I see a pumpkin shaped like jack
If this were normal, I would simply pack
That’s the ninth Vampire that I’ve seen
This is typical for Halloween

The kids eat their fill of sweetened fat
As I stand and cackle on my doormat
Parents lead the march of opened bag
But only tonight, can you call me hag— P J Casselman

Friday, October 28, 2011

To the Mountain

A pessimist sees a mountain as an obstacle that blocks the road.  A realist views it as a challenge to be climbed and conquered.  Pragmatists try to figure out a way to tunnel through it.   Enthusiasts wax their skis and wait for snow.  Optimists, however, grab their picks and shovels to dig for gold.  Are any wrong?  Problems are opportunities to expand our horizon.