Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Feaster

Alright, I'll admit it.  My thoughts are bizarre at times.  For example, when we have Easter dinner, does anyone find it strange that it's usually ham we eat?  It's about the first thing I can think of on the "Not Kosher" menu.  Is it intentional?  Did someone say, "Hey, let's eat pork and show the Old Testament folks we don't need their law anymore!" or what?
If you're thinking I mean this as an anti-Semitic rant, you're way off.  Jesus and the disciples were Jewish.  Being a Christian and being anti-Semitic is like loving lasagna and hating pasta.  You can't truly be both.  Sure you could eat no pasta lasagna, but that would mean you weren't eating the real thing.  In other words, a person can't be a genuine Christian and be anti-Semitic.  They can lay claim to it, but they would not be partaking in the real deal.
God is not about hate. God doesn't hate Jews, fags, people of color, foreign people, big people, little people, or even annoying people who post irritating things on Facebook. That's why God put a guy in the endzone at every football game- so we could be reminded that we're loved every time they kick a field goal (John 3:16, right?).

So, when you eat ham this Easter, remember:  A Jew died for you, rose for you, and intercedes for you.  Because he did, you can eat all the pork you want...until it clogs your arteries and you die, but that's another issue.