Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Veteran Heroes

You came home from the battles to family and friends
Often bewildered by the changing trends
While you were at war, we spoke of peace
But our regard for your sacrifice will never cease

A parade seems so little but we hope it's a start
To show our gratitude for fulfilling your part
You protected our freedom on land, air, and sea
When our country was threatened, you served willingly

You are the heroes, the models for roles
Of honor and duty, of loftier goals
May you feel our thankfulness for your sacrifices
One day is too little, but we hope it suffices.

Wounded by metal or wounded by pain
The flag we fly contains a blood stain
For many that were lost, who served by your side
Did not make it home, but in our hearts reside -- P J Casselman

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