Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Spinning Thoughts of a Writer

Perhaps the most confusing thing about writing is when I get ideas for books while still working on the current one.  At the moment, I am trying to finish the sequel to Angel Blood: Family Secrets, but two other books are spinning around in my head.  While I have created a notation sheet for the other books, so that I do not forget ideas that spring to mind, there is a part of me that wants to get to them ASAP.  Before I started writing, I wondered how someone could possibly write more than a couple of novels.  Now I know.  Writing is consuming.
While I am still unpublished and cannot get an agent to even read one of my first two novels, my writing continues.  Perhaps one day, I will gain an audience of size, but that is no longer important.  My focus is now to get my stories onto the page or e-page.  Whoever reads them is fine.  This is not because I would not like to reach a larger audience, but because I am no longer driven by money or fame.  Creativity drives me.  The same creativity that sent my father to his electronics bench or my uncle to his woodworking shop is now pulling me to the keyboard.
I now understand the words "writing is in my blood."  Perhaps one day, marketing will be too.  When and if I marry these two, I will be prepared to launch my books for a larger audience.  Until then, I will sit and write with a calmness that comes from a lack of pressure.


  1. PJ - "Creativity drives me." Keep driving. I read a sample of Angel Blood, I think it was the prologue (dying magician) Very intriguing. I love your themes of magic and folklore.

    Best of luck in your travels!