Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spell Check Might Miss These!

Typonese is a language in which I often dabble. Blame it on my brain or fingers, but I just cant' keep from making mistakes. Misspelling words is not the same as making a typo, however, because I meant to type it wrongly. I just didn't know it was wrong. To you avoid purposefully typing the wrong word, here's a list of common spelling mistakes:

Their- Their shoes There- Over there They're- They are
Lose- To lose your wallet Loose- my pants are loose
Your- It's your turn You're - You are
It's- It is Its- Its color (possessive pronouns don't have apostrophes)
Effect- It had a side-effect (noun) Affect- It affected me (verb)
Whether- Whether or not Weather- Today's weather is rainy
Alot- Is not a word (allot is- apportionment) A lot - There's a lot of those (two words)
Then- Then we went home (Used for time) Than- Bigger than that (comparison)

Finally, even though the rule says "i before e, except after c unless it is 'a" as in weigh," there are exceptions and that may be WEIRD, but it's the case.

I'm by no means a grammar nut, so if you misspell when writing to me, I will simply read your meaning and love you just the same. :)


  1. PJ,

    Care to teach my kids how to spell?


  2. LOL, OK Joe, send them on over to Kansas.

  3. PJ,

    I invite you to join my new blog at Feel feel to join the discussion and plug Angel Blood while you're at it. See you there.


  4. Sounds good, thanks for the invite, Joe!