Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blogging Something of Value

I was reading a blog that said, "You must give something of value to your readers if you want them to return to your blog."  This simple statement grabbed hold of my mind and put it in a full nelson.  What is "something of value?"  If this was some famous actor's blog, just telling some people about what brand of toilet paper I used would be valuable.
"How amazing, Susan, Johnny Depp uses Charmin too!"
Of course, a religious leader's blog would have some pithy saying on it that you could make your quote for the day.  People like Joyce Meyers or Joel Osteen put out amazing quotes which translate into "God can do it, therefore you can do it."  Those desperately needing a positive affirmation flock to their sites to be told the obvious in new semi-plagiarized ways.  Oh, did Robert Schuller say that?
Financial advice would certainly draw a crowd.  Would you like to know how to make money in real estate?  OK, I'll tell you.  Go to the courthouse and find someone that is about to be foreclosed.  The lis pendens are public knowledge and foreclosure is a lawsuit, so you can get the information easy.  Now you just need to find a rehabber who wants cheap houses.  Get the people who are losing their house to sell for the price the bank will take as a buyout (plus your commission) to the rehabber.  It has to be no more than 60 percent of the fixed-up repaired value of the home.  Yes, the people will get nothing and will have sold you their equity.  Yes, taxes will kill them later, but don't worry.  You'll get yours.  See?  How valuable is that?  I just told you how to mug someone legally.  If you feel bad, see the previous paragraph.
Perhaps I could blog on cooking, that would be valuable.  I can't cook, though.  My recipes are add water and stir.
So finding something of value is not going to be easy.  Until I find it, I will continue putting my thoughts down as best I can and hope that someone enjoys reading them.  In summary: Johnny Depp uses Charmin, you can do it, make money mugging, and just add water.

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