Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Remember Your First Lyrics?

Some people have never written lyrics to a song.  I often tell them that writing lyrics is mostly putting down your feelings in poetic form without worrying about the form.  Let it flow.  You can always adjust it later.  I remember the first song I wrote.  It was a tune for a Christian rock band.  Oh man, that was so long ago.  When I look at the words now, I slap my forehead and wonder why I thought I had written a masterpiece.  I suppose it's like the first of anything else.  It grabs hold and give one a sense of great accomplishment, even if the only real success is having completed the first one.  Here are the lyrics:

Superman wasn't bulletproof
The Easter bunny was just a spoof
Seems the magic of kids has come and gone
Now we're left un-convincible
All that stuff seems incredible
Can we believe or is everything a lie?

I believe in miracles
in a world that seems so cynical
I've seen a junkie turned to prayer
A robber turned to praise
The bound have been set free
And evil change their ways
I believe in miracles
I know that God is ever working
I see his glory in the world

My teacher told me that God's a fake
Having faith is a blind mistake
His philosophy means he has to touch
But touching me is what God has done
He was one of us in his Son
And I believe that the truth is all around


What's become of your vain philosophy
Full of anger and negativity
God is real and your mind tricks dry
So listen now as I testify


Yeah, it doesn't all rhyme, I know.  I hope, at least, I got better with a pen!

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  1. PJ - You know, the form of the words improve with age, but the bodies wither and bend. One thing is for sure, our first words seem awkward, but they are filled with passion and energy. Just like the flesh, eh?