Sunday, January 1, 2012

Worthy of Notes

I remember sitting through classes at school that were so boring, I wanted to curl up under my desk and nap.  It was not that the subject matter was necessarily uninteresting, but that the professor lacked passion.  Perhaps they found the subject enthralling at one time.  They might have believed it was important.  Yet they did not feel the kind of passion that ignited interest on the part of their sleepy-eyed pupils.

For anything story to be truly fascinating, it must have an impassioned teller.  If a writer lacks passion, then it is not his/her writing style that makes the pages of his/her book so dry.  Readers sense a lack of rage, warmth, love, or excitement.  Our pages must make them feel an urgency to know more or we writers are simply putting apathetic notations into the hands of readers seeking to be swept away by our passion.

I was once asked why I write fantasy books about Arthurian legend when it is not what is selling.  Simple, I love the genre and age.  If I felt passionate about vampires, I would write about them.  What is your passion?

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