Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Memory Block

For some reason, I couldn't seem to remember what is was that I was going to say here.  Searching for some clue, I looked around my office.  Unfortunately, none of the pictures nor the misc. papers on my desk pried open the locked chamber in my brain.   I decided to assert control over my failing intellect and shot a jolt of caffeine into the door.  It did not budge. Instead, it quickly healed and stood before me more stubborn than ever.  I went for the more subtle approach by calming myself with soothing breaths.  The locked memory took advantage and swung open a door of distractions, causing me to forget why I was even trying to unlock the thought.  Just when I gave up and walked away from the computer, the door swung wide and revealed its contents.  Excellent, I thought.  Now I can post what I was thinking!  To my chagrin, the cruel door swung shut just as my fingers hit the keyboard.  So, basically, I have nothing to say today.  Happy Wednesday!

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