Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reeking of Cheese

While he enjoyed the soft, smooth taste of cheddar or a good piece of Monterey Jack as much as anyone, Roy was curled his nose in disgust as he smelled a foul cheesy odor.   Vainly he searched through the kitchen trying to find the allusive morsel behind the stink.  Unable to find it, he eventually ceased his search and stormed into the bedroom looking for his wife.   Perhaps she knew the cause, he hoped.  Unfortunately, Roy's wife was out shopping, so he was left to find the source of his annoyance alone.
Suddenly it dawned upon him that the smell was as strong in the bedroom as it was in the kitchen.  He entered their guest-room and sniffed.  The cheesy odor was in every room in the house!  The only way that was possible, he thought, was if it was in the heater.  Perhaps his wife put a loaded mouse trap too close to the furnace intake.  As he walked down the stairs, his sock covered feet slipped on the carpet and he barreled to the bottom.  Grunting and murmuring his newfound hatred for carpeted stairs, Roy closely examined the furnace.  Finding no mousetrap, he pulled out the filter, promptly cutting his finger on a jagged piece of metal.  With his finger in his mouth, he inspected the filter, but saw no sign of cheese or spoiled milk.  Roy shoved the filter back in its slot and walked out on the porch to get away from the stench.
Breathing in deeply, he once again smelled the odor.  "Does the whole world stink of cheese?" he shouted.  Just then, his wife pulled up in their van with a load of groceries.  No sooner had she opened then door to her vehicle then Roy pounced off the porch and zipped to ask her why everything stunk.
"I'd give you a kiss," she said with a smile, "but you have a piece of cheese stuck in your mustache!  And why are you bleeding?"

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