Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Writing to Write

Some days, I find that I have nothing that I actually want to communicate.  There is no story bubbling under the surface or some issue that I am desperate to address.  Sure, the world is in crisis economically, but so many write about this that I would rather read about it then put my thoughts on paper.  It is at this juncture that a writer makes a decision.  We must write.  Even if it is a colorful retelling of the days shopping list, words must be carved.  Working through the layers of apathy, frustration, and confusion is what makes a writer more than just someone who can type.
I do not like working out at the gym.  Some love it.  So many of us decided to get fit for New Years, but we have already abandoned it.  One day, we got up and did not want to go.  After procrastinating, we found something more "pressing" that gave us an out.  The next day, we did the same until it became easy to "just say no."  Man, I wish I was in better shape, don't you?  Yeah, right.  The difference between those in great shape and the rest of us is that they work through their lack of desire and push into the "get it done" imperative.  Once they push past the initial negative feelings, they remember why they enjoy working out.
Writers must do the same thing at a keyboard.  We must work through the lack of desire to get into the work even on days in which we just do not feel like it.   After a few paragraphs, we will remember.

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