Friday, December 9, 2011

Blame Games and Sewage

     Dysfunctional families often create creative creatures, but seldom have happy habitants.  There's so much pain from father wounds, mother wounds, and sibling wounds in our society.  Often well-meaning and sometimes ruthless parents or siblings inflict a lot of pain that sinks deep into our souls.  We can blame them, if we choose, but does that do any good? 
     I found the source of our backed up sewer, but that did not mean I could take a shower.  Instead, a backhoe dug up the earth, created a downward slope, and put in new pipes.
Assigning blame leaves us in a stinking mess.  We can sit in it if we passively to our demise.   However, choosing to dig up, clean up, and refit can drain not only the pain, but the source of the problem.  Renew your mind, clear your pain, and start fresh. 
     The problems we inherit only remain our problems if we choose to own them.

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